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Medium, coach & inspirator

In HET ATELIER in the Haltestraat 55 in Zandvoort you are welcome for a private consultation. This gives you insights into how your life goes (and why) and how you can make positive changes yourself. I show you which choices you can make and give you advice. I base myself on information that I receive from your guides (I call them guardian angels) in combination with what the cards say. I use different methods (Lenormand, Tarot, etc.).

Sometimes – if you have lost the overview of your life a bit – you need a push in the right direction. Or help with making important decisions. Or when processing a loss. I will try to make contact with your guardian angels (deceased loved ones), so that you find them helping you to get your life in order. And they can help you to think in a different way or to remove blockades. All with the aim that you are more positive in life, better in balance and have more energy.

HET ATELIER | Spiritual meeting point


• Thursday | 12.00 – 17.00

• Friday | 12.00 – 17.00

• Saturday | 13.00 – 17.00

• Sunday | 13.00 – 17.00

And by appointment:

Wolfgang Stein

Tel: 0031 (0) 634 418 053